Vinyler of the Month: Jamie XX

Have you heard of Jamie Smith? Probably not. But you sure know him better under his stage name Jamie XX. And the English music producer and DJ is our vinyler of the month on 30rpm!

The Londoner teamed up in 2008 with former school friends Oliver Sim, Romy Madley Croft and Baria Qureshi to form the XX, who released one year after one of the most well received albums of the decade. Reworking his own band’s tracks, Jamie also quickly became a well-known remixer for several pop artists including Adele, Florence + the Machine, Radiohead, Drake or Alicia Keys.

After the release of a few critical acclaimed solo singles between 2011 and 2015 such as “Far Nearer/Beat For”, “Girl/Sleep Sound” or “All Under One Roof Raving”, came Jamies’s debut album “In Colour” in June 2015. And it was immediately a huge success! The album, rated 9,3/10 on Pitchfork Media, received widespread acclaim from music critics.

But if Jamie XX is our vinyler of the month, it is not (only) because he composes and produces amazing music. He recently opened with music label Young Turks Good Times, a new record shop in East London. After opening the first one in New York in August,

Good Times now has a bright new London branch. The record shop is offering selections from Jamie XX’s local favourite Kristina Records, a bunch of the records he sampled for “In Colour”, some of his own releases (including signed copies) and “other assorted gems”, the producer explained on Instagram.

All we have to say then is: “Thank you Jamie, and see you at 73 Kingsland Road!”

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