Slow listening to destress from daily life

Have you heard about the slow movement? This concept was created in the 1980s but truly became popular during the last few years. It started with the observation that people are more and more stressed by the acceleration of their life rhythm, in particular because of the digital. So now that this digitalisation makes us consume quantities of goods and contents, maybe it is time to add them some value back and make our lives better by slowing down a moment.

The slow movement concerns many aspects of our society, and materializes in various forms, from the slow food to the slow cities, slow dating or slow travel. But the one we are dealing with and which directly concerns the vinyl industry is the slow listening.

Slow listening as a solution

Today the music consumption of the largest part of the population is quick, practical and tends to destroy more value than it creates. But with slow listening, you can now focus on the best. How? It is based on three main principles. The first one is to reject singles and playlists to listen to full records. The second is to dedicate some time slots to the listening of selective music. And the last one is to enjoy it on a quality sound system. We then see clearly that these three principles tend toward the same goal: give back its value to music at a time when its consumption is dominated by streaming services.

The development of the slow listening is then obviously linked with the revival of the vinyl industry. Listening to vinyl is more than consuming music: it is a way of life. Relax in a smooth sofa, play your favourite vinyl, while drinking a glass of a tasteful whisky or wine, and do nothing but enjoying what you are listening to. Take the time to learn to appreciate each track and let the atmosphere of the record get into you.

This is a moment you deserve.