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After our EP 1.  – DISHES & RECIPES & our  EP 2. – EMBLEMATIC PRODUCTS & BRANDS , here comes our EP.3 on special Parisian areas to park your foodtruck.

Here comes another paradox! How can we advice you to park your foodtruck? How can we stop something that is supposed to go where stomachs are starving to death?



A foodtruck? 


A French foodtruck can be defined as a restaurant that “looks like a French fry stand or a pizza van but sells top range food” according, Nicolas Nouchi, CEO of CHD Expert.

From the origins of mobile catering, foodtruck are truck from which vendors sell sell food, from ice cream and frozen food to specific meals or styles of food.


Here is a map of food trucks in Paris.

Please note that is has be understood as street food areas.

{google_map}|width:600|height:400|link:yes|link_label:Click here for the FULL ON  map!{/google_map}


An American in Paris?


Many of the truck’s patrons are American expats, but even more are young Parisians enamored of the informality of New York-style noshing” said Julia Moskin, journalist for the NY Times in her article on foodtrucks in Paris

A Très-Brooklyn concept, foodtrucks seem to be a revolution : bye bye ham-cheese sandwich, Parisian hipsters and Parisians tout-court eat American burgers, Mexican tacos and Chinese dim sum on the streets.

Like Kristin Frederick, a California native who graduated from a French culinary school, owner of Le Camion qui Fume, many American have decided to open their own foodtruck to sell handmade and organic food.

Please also note that if you think well our diverse coffee and events maps, you are able to pick an area where hipsters still have to go to Cojean.

Life is hard

Capture d’écran 2014-11-18 à 07.07.45

But we help you to remember


* Next week *

>> EP 4. – ACTIVITIES || What kind of activities should you propose to create a hipsy atmosphere around your food truck?

|| Teasing ||

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