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Comparer les systèmes éducatifs : défis méthodologiques des enquêtes PISA

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Le Donné, Noémie.  » Comparer les résultats des systèmes éducatifs nationaux : les défis méthodologiques des enquêtes PISA », Notes &Documents, 2013-06, Paris, OSC, Sciences Po/CNRS

PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) is today a reference in the field of international student assessments. It has been used in amounts of national reports and comparative educational studies.

This note is intended for PISA data users as well as for those who want to take a distant look at these data and their use in the social sciences. It presents the structure, the strengths and the limitations of PISA surveys since their first edition in 2000, in statistical and sociological perspectives. It also investigates the extent to which PISA design deals with the methodological challenges of international comparisons. We firstly present the new targets that PISA is designed to meet, namely comparing the global performance of educational systems. We then show that this shift in international assessments has triggered a number of methodological innovations to ensure data comparability. These methodological choices are not without consequences on how to handle the information collected. Throughout this critical review and in conclusion, we specify the type of secondary analysis one should conduct on PISA surveys.

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