Knowledge, status and power. Elite education, training and expertise

International Conference, Paris, October 23-24, 2014 Sciences Po Paris, OSC and University of Bergen, Sociology Departement.

Conference theme and key questions

What role does education, knowledge, cultural skills and other specific types of expertise play in processes of elite production and reproduction? How do these different dimensions contribute to the construction of elite identities, positions and social legitimacy? To what extent are processes of elite reproduction more or less important after the significant expansion of higher education? How have national elite groups been affected by the globalisation of educational and professional pathways and by other changes in the modes of access to elite jobs and positions? What has been the impact of economic, social and political changes on the type of expertise required from individuals in elite positions across different policy sectors and professions in different countries?

Selection, training, and socialization in elite education institutions: constructions of elite identity and legitimacy
Professions, expertise, and power elites

Keynote speakers
Shamus Khan, University of Columbia
Steven Brint, University of California Riverside
Claire Maxwell, Institute of Education, University of London
Rachel Vanneuville, École normale supérieure de Lyon

Scientific committee
Olav Korsnes, University of Bergen
Marte Mangset, Akershus University College, Oslo
Claire Maxwell, University of London
Agnès van Zanten, OSC Sciences Po, Paris

Conference agenda, Communications

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