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Pilagg forecast for the Autumn 2016

After the long summer break, we are back with the new calendar for Pilagg seminars in the weeks to come.

This academic year, our first speaker will be Professor Paddy Ireland from the University of Bristol, who will discuss The Institutional Origins of Corporate Social Irresponsibility on Friday 30 September with Professor Antoine Lyon-Caen being his discussant.

October will be especially rich for legal discussions, as Professor Leone Niglia will give a seminar on 7 October and Professor Hannah Buxbaum from Indiana University Maurer School of Law will come one week after him, on 14 October. Professor Robert Wai will then give a workshop on Wednesday, 19 October.

In November, we will organise at least two more Pilagg seminars. On 18 November, Professors Pierre Legrand and Mathias Siems will discuss the (Foreign) Law as Self-Fashioning and finally, on 25 November, Professor Katja Langenbucher and Brooke Adele Marshall will talk about economic transplants and soft law instruments.

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