The Production of Imperial Space: Empire and Circulations (18th-20th Centuries)


Colloque junior (CHSP/Ecole doctorale de Sciences Po)

Date: November 23-24, 2017

Location: CHSP, 56 rue Jacob, 75006 Paris Salle du Traité


  • Camille BUAT | Sciences Po-CHSP/University of Göttingen
  • Aude-Cécile MONNOT | Sciences Po-CHSP
  • Alexander VAN WICKEREN | University of Cologne/Sciences Po-CHSP

Scientific Committee:

  • Ravi AHUJA | University of Göttingen/CeMIS – Sabine DULLIN | Sciences Po-CHSP
  • Ulrike LINDNER | University of Cologne – Paul-André ROSENTAL | Sciences Po
  • CHSP/ESOPP – Jakob VOGEL | Sciences Po-CHSP

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

09:30 • Welcoming the Participants and Registration 10:00-10:30 • Introduction

10:30-12:00 • PANEL 1: Imaginations of Spaces: Explorations and Discourses in an Imperial Setting – Discussant: Jakob VOGEL (Sciences Po-CHSP)

  • KATHERINE PARKER (Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps London) | “Putting Space to Paper. The Production of the Pacific in the Eighteenth Century”
  • DELPHINE FROMENT (ENS Ulm) | “A Scramble for Kilimanjaro? Imperial Rivalries and Production of Space in East Africa at the end fo the 19th century”
  • MARTA GRZECHNIK (University of Gdánsk) | “Aspirations of an Imperial Space. The Colonial Discourse of the Maritime and Colonial League in Interwar Poland”

12:00-13:30 • LUNCH BREAK

13:30-15:00 • PANEL 2
From Railway to Television: Imperial Space and Infrastructure –
Discussant: Vidhya RAVEENDRANATHAN (University of Göttingen/CeMIS)

  • MATTHEW SCOTT (Newcastle University) | “Visions of Circulation. Continental Imperial Expan- sion and the Construction of Transcontinental Railway Systems, c. 1850-1930”
  • LIMIN TEH (Leiden University) | “The Company Town as Imperial Space”
  • FLORA LOSCH (EHESS Paris) | “Broadcast and Rule: The Circulation of Audiovisual Knowledge and Technologies and the De/Re-composition of the Imperial Space in West Africa”

15:00-15:30 • COFFEE BREAK

15:30-17:00 • PANEL 3
Ordering Mobilities within Imperial Spaces – Discussant: Sabine DULLIN (Sciences Po- CHSP)

  • HUW J. DAVIES (King’s College London) | “Networks of Knowledge Exchange and Information Circulations in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century British Military Imperialism”
  • ZHANNA POPOVA (International Institute of Social History Amsterdam) | “Exile to Siberia as Imperial Practice, 1870s-1900s”
  • TOM MENGER (University of Cologne) | “‘Ordinary’ Colonial Officers in German East Africa as Pawns and Producers of Imperial Space and Imperial Circulations, ca. 1890-1914”



Friday, November 24, 2017

09:30-11:00 • PANEL 4
Flows of commodities and currencies: Imperial Economic Spaces – Discussant: Claude MARKOVITS (CNRS-CEIAS)

  • JÉSUS BOHORQUEZ BARRERA (University of Lisbon) | “Entangled Geographies of the Iberian Empires in South America (1750-1800)”
  • VARSHA PATEL (University of Kassel) | “Reconfiguring Routes of Salt along the British Indian Frontier of Maritime Saurāshtra, Western India 1910-1932”
  • ADITYA RAMESH (SOAS, London) | “Circulating Commodities, Shifting Sovereignties: Rice across the Bay of Bengal c. 1900-1947”

11:00-11:30 • COFFEE BREAK

11:30-13:00 • PANEL 5
Trajectories and experiences of circulating people: Empire’s multilayered space – Discussant: David DO PAÇO (Sciences Po-CHSP)

  • METIN ATMACA (Social Sciences University of Ankara) | “An Imperial Social Space with Many Layers. Reconfiguration of the Ottoman-Iranian Frontier by Khaliddiya Sufi Network”
  • MARTIN SCHALLER (University of St. Andrews) | “Travellers Habsburg Empire – One Imperial Space or Different Spaces? Ca. 1815-1860s
  • ANDREI DAN SORESCU (University College London) | “The Peddler, the Peasant and the Portrait of the Czar. Spatial Layers of Empire in fin-de-siècle Romania “

13:00-14:00 • LUNCH BREAK

14:00-15:30 • PANEL 6
Transimperial spaces: places on the move and nodes of circulation – Discussant: Ulrike LINDNER (University of Cologne)

  • JUSTINE COUSIN (Paris IV) | “Colonial Seafarers creating a Trans-imperial Space. British Empire and Steamship Labour Circulations (1850-1950)”
  • FLORIAN WAGNER (University of Erfurt) | “The International Colonial Institute and the Creation of a Transimperial Space of Colonial Science (1890s-1920s)

15:30-16:00 • COFFEE BREAK

16:00-17:00 • FINAL ROUNDTABLE

Friday 13th October – Sex, Boardrooms and Transnational Corporate Space: When Does Board Diversity Benefit Firms? by Darren Rosenblum

Friday, October 13th 2017 / 14.00 – 16.30

Meeting room (410T), Ecole de Droit, 13 rue de l’université 

By DARREN ROSENBLUM (Professor of Law, Pace Law School)

Firms embrace diversity, but vague predictions of a “diversity dividend” leave regulators and market actors unclear about what specific benefits to expect. In this seminar, Prof. Rosenblum will argue that we can only assess how sex diversity leads to improved performance by understanding the who, what, and where of diversity’s benefit. Whether sex diversity produces a “diversity dividend” depends on three key factors: (1) the nature of the benefit of including women (whether their experience or other qualities); (2) the kind of firm and its governance; and (3) the jurisdiction(s) in which the firm operates.

Only by further investigating the precise conditions under which diversity will have an effect can we estimate sex diversity’s potential instrumental benefits. This seminar melds corporate governance theory with critical gender analysis to explain how firms worldwide are attempting to incorporate sex diversity, and when these efforts may prove fruitful.

To access the full version of Prof. Rosenblum’s article, please contact


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