Séminaire doctoral Oxford/Sciences Po

10 janvier 2010 par Carole BACHELOT

Program and papers of the  « Joint Doctoral Seminar » Oxford/Sciences Po :

Wed, Dec 9th, 2009, noon – 2 pm : Welcome Buffet

Location : 56 rue des Saints-Pères, salle Goguel bis

Wed, Dec 9th, 2009, 2pm – 6pm : Political Science Seminar

Location : 56 rue des Saints-Pères, salle Goguel

Introduction by Sciences Po Convenors : Louis Chauvel(OSC), Marie Duru-Bellat (OSC),  Nonna Mayer (CEE)

Keynote address : Nancy Bermeo, Nuffield College, Oxford University : “Democracy and Inequality”

  • Antoine Jardin, Sciences Po (CEE) : « Social inequalities and voting turnout in the French banlieues »
  • Johan Davidsson, European University Institute in Florence (co-authored with Marek Naczyk, Oxford University) : “The Ins and Outs of Dualisation : a Literature Review” Paper
  • Adrien Degeorges, Sciences Po (CEE) : “Changing support for government intervention in the US : the preferences of income groups and partisans since the Reagan era (1987-2009)” Abstract Paper
  • Angela Cummine, Oxford University : “Sovereign Wealth and Wealth Inequality” Abstract Paper
  • Discussant : Nancy Bermeo, Nonna Mayer

Thu, Dec 10th, 2009, 9 am – 1 pm : Sociology Seminar

Location : 56 rue des Saints-Pères, salle Goguel bis

Keynote address : Jonathan Gershuny, Saint-Hugh’s College, Oxford University : “Time, Utility and Product in Social Structure”

  • Neli Demireva, Oxford University, “Ethno-religious Diversity and Social Trust in Residential and Educational Setting” AbstractPaper
  • Adrien Papuchon, Sciences Po (OSC) : “Downward International Transfers in Europe and in the USA : an Insight into the Dialectic of familial Solidarity and social Inequality” Abstract; PowerPoint
  • Alexei Besudnov, Oxford University : “No Country for Old Man : Age Earnings Profiles and Age Stratification in Russia”  Abstract ; Paper
  • Mathieu Ichou, Sciences Po (OSC) : “Primary and Secondary Effects in creating Ethnic inequalities in educational attainment : the case of France” Abstract ; PowerPoint
  • Discussant : Man Yee Kan, Oxford University

Thu , 10th 2009 , 1 pm- 2 pm : Lunch buffet

Location : 56 rue des Saints-Pères, salle Goguel bis

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