Conférence sur les réponses comparées à la crise économique

24 mars 2010 par Carole BACHELOT

Conference on Comparative Responses to the Economic Crisis

PIIRS, CSDP, and Oxford University present the Conference on
Comparative Responses to the Economic Crisis, which launches a larger
project focused on exploring and explaining how a variety of
democratic political systems respond to the current economic crisis.
The investigation seeks to account for similarities and differences in the policies adopted by different countries and to trace the economic
and political effects of those policies. Scholars from around the
globe will convene at Princeton and Oxford University for conferences,
seminars, and colloquia that explore government responses to the
crisis; the implications of the crisis for varieties of capitalism;
and the implications of the crisis for public attitudes, political
participation, and partisan politics.

Saturday, March 27 – Sunday, March 28, 2010
219 Aaron Burr Hall, Princeton University

The program is available here :

The list of participants and some papers are here :

Ben Ansell (Minnesota), « Crisis as Political Opportunity? »
Christopher Anderson (Cornell)
Larry Bartels (Princeton)
Pablo Beramendi (Oxford), « Fiscal Legacies and Tax Policy Responses to the Financial Crisis »
Daniela Campello (Princeton)
Torben Iversen (Harvard), “Economic Shocks and Government Responses: An Institutional Approach”
Harold James (Princeton), “Tensions between Global and National Finance: Lessons from the Past”
Desmond King (Oxford)
Johannes Lindvall (Oxford), “Economic Ideas in the Great Recession”
Nolan McCarty (Princeton), “The Politics of the Pop:  The Effects of Ideology, Partisanship, and Interest in the Response the U.S. Finance Crisis”
Jonas Pontusson (Princeton)
David Rueda (Oxford), “The Welfare State in Times of Crisis”
David Soskice (Duke/Oxford), “Macroeconomics and Comparative Political Economy: The Causes and Consequences of the Financial Crisis”
Kathleen Thelen (MIT)
Yves Thibergien (University of British Columbia), “Global Financial Crisis and Regime Change in Japan: Structural Reforms, Inequality, and the Turn toward Social Democracy in 2009”
Steven Vogel (UC Berkeley)


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