POLINE/IDDRI Symposium, May 26-28, 2011.

28 mai 2011 par lucieberaudsudreau

Please find attached here the programme for the Symposium « Inequalities in a context of global recession: Perceptions, framing and politicization », May 26-28, 2011:

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Session 1. Political Economy of Inequalities

– Alice J. Wuermli (Children and Youth Unit, Human Development Network, World Bank): The (Re)production of (In)equality: Poverty, Social Policy, and Human Development from Conception to Adulthood (abstract)

– Bruno Palier (Sciences Po/CEE, CNRS): The Age of Dualization: How Labour Market and Social Policies Create Inequalities in European Societies

– Joshua Guetzkow (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Common Cause? A Cultural Analysis of the Links Between Welfare and Criminal Justice Policies, 1960-1996 (paper)

Session 2. Compared Perceptions of Inequalities and Justice

– Camille Bedock (IUE, Sciences Po/CEE), Marie Duru-Bellat (Sciences Po/OSC), Elise Tenret (Sciences Po/OSC): Perception of poverty in a globalized world (paper)

– Frédéric Gonthier (Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Grenoble): Explaining the Changing Attitudes of Europeans towards Economic Liberalism and Inequalities (powerpoint)

– Leslie McCall (Northwestern University): American Beliefs about Income Inequality: What, When, Who, and Why? (chapter)

Session 3. Reactions to Inequalities in the South: Case Studies

– Laurence Louër (Sciences Po/CERI): The Reciprocal Politicization of Socioeconomic and Religious Inequalities in Bahrein (powerpoint)

– Marcelo de Almeida Medeiros (Federal University of Pernambuco): Why Are Strong Inequalities Accepted in Brazil (power point)

– Moustapha Sene (University of Rennes 1), Les émeutes de la faim et la colère sociale au Sénégal (paper, FR)

Session 4. The subjective Experience and Reactions to Poverty and Inequality

– Graziella Moraes da Silva (Federal University Rio de Janeiro), Elisa Reis (Federal Universisty Rio de Janeiro): Perceptions of Racial Discrimination among Black Professionals in Rio de Janeiro (paper)

– Jennifer M. Silva (Harvard University): Becoming a Neoliberal Subject: Working-Class Selfhood in an Age of Uncertainty (paper)

– Nissim Mizrachi (Tel Aviv University), Hanna Herzog (Tel Aviv University), Joshua Guetzkow (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Participatory Destigmatization Strategies among Palestinian Citizens of Israel, Ethiopian Jews and Mizrahi Jews (paper)

– Michel Lamont, Jessica Welburn, Crystal Fleming (Harvard University): Responses to Discrimination and Social Resilience under  Neo-Liberalism, the case of Brazil, Israel and the United States


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