How To Get The Poor Off Our Conscience

20 septembre 2011 par lucieberaudsudreau

The editions « Les liens qui libèrent » and Le Monde Diplomatique publish a French translation of an article by John Kenneth Galbraith « How to get the poor off our conscience », initially published in Harper’s Magazine, November 1985.

The book L’Art d’ignorer les pauvres, Ed. Les Liens qui libèrent et Le Monde Diplomatique, 78 pages, also contains a text by Laurent Cordonnier (« Economists at war against the unemployed ») and by Jonathan Swift (an abstract of Swift’s classic A Modest Proposal).

– You may read the preface by Serge Halimi here.

– You may read John Galbraith’s article here.

– You may read abstracts of Jonathan Swift’s classic here.

– You may read Laurent Cordonnier’s article here.

– You may read a book review from Le Monde, September 15, 2011, there.




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