Manifesto for a solidarity and equality-based health

20 septembre 2011 par lucieberaudsudreau
Five medecine professors and experts (André Grimaldi, Didier Tabuteau, François Bourdillon, Frédéric Pierru, Olivier Lyon-Caen) published a Manifesto for a solidarity and equality-based health, signed by 123 personalities in order to denounce the liberal orientation of the current system.
The manifesto deals with equal access to quality treatments, an extension of the Social Security coverage and a promotion of a health democracy. Confronting a planned decline of the French system of public health protection, renowned physicians but also patients, scientists and Arts personnalities submit 17 proposals for a policy committed to the principles of equality and solidarity. An overhaul of the 1945 republican social pact, in an ethical and democratic mindframe.
More information on this new work here or here

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