Sortition and Politics

22 septembre 2011 par lucieberaudsudreau

Sortition’s come-back into Politics

There will be an eigth session of POLINE’s « Inequalities and Politics » seminar, scheduled on October 11 (13:30 – 15:30, Sciences Po, salle du conseil, 13 rue de l’Université). The seminar is entitled « Sortition an conceptions of equality », and will be presented by Gil DELANNOI. The discussion will be led by Michel HASTINGS.  This seminar is based on the work directed by Gil Delannoi and Oliver Dowlen, Sortition: Theory and Practice (Imprint Academics, 2010).

In order to prepare the discussions, it is possible to read Gil Delannoi’s study « Sortition’s come-back into politics » (in French), published by the Fondation pour l’innovation politique (2010).

You may download the .pdf version of the report by clicking here.

You will find an filmed interview of the author by clicking here.

You may find a book review in Libération (April 21, 2011) by clicking here.


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