Participative investigation : What space for the poor in France?

1 décembre 2011 par lucieberaudsudreau

The website Agoravox launches a new type of journalist investigations.

These new types of journalist investigations are coordinated by a professional journalist or an expert. These investigations are completed, nuanced and enriched by the cybernauts. The aim of the cooperation between Agoravox and a professional journalist lies in the complementarity of the two approaches. People who answer the questions from the investigations are invited to give precise and detailed information, as complete as possible. Or to suggest some research directions. These participative investigations therefore do not aim at giving an opinion but at bringing in facts. This means explaining who did what, where and when, and giving the journalist the means to verify the assertions.

The second participative investigation deals with the topic « What space for the poor in France? » The four questions cybernauts are invited to answer are 1. Who are the poor; 2. How are the poor perceived; 3. Who represents and defends the poor?; 4. Why don »t we succeed in eradicating poverty?

To participate in the investigation : What space for the poor in France? (FR)

Presentation of the aims of participative investigations (FR)



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