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16 avril 2012 par Communication scientifique

« In this April 2012 issue of the Center for Social Policy Digest:  Connecting Research and Communities, we turn our attention to the connections between the causes of economic inequality In the U.S. and the economic crisis that continues to impact the lives of so many.    Arthur MacEwan and John Miller’s brief essay draws from evidence developed more fully in their recently published book,Economic Collapse, Economic Change:  Getting to the Roots of the Crisis.

This essay provides a solid backdrop to the perspectives shared by families living with economic hardship and by Randy Albelda, CSP Senior Fellow, in a recent MarketPlace radio segment that explores the meaning of poverty for working families.

Lastly, I encourage you to listen to the Teen Voices video to learn what a group of Boston teenagers have to say about the meaning of poverty in their lives and communities.   Their understanding of poverty encompasses economic hardship, yes.   However, they give voice to the impacts on human dignity that result when social inclusion and opportunities for advancement can be seen only from a distance.

As always, we welcome your thoughts on the ideas we are putting forward in this issue of the CSP Digest.   For more on the Center’s work go to:, and we invite you to share your ideas, reactions and feedback with us through the Center’s Facebook andTwitter links.   »

Donna Haig Friedman, Director

Center for Social Policy


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