New issue of Poverty and Public Policy

5 March 2010 par Carole BACHELOT

The new issue of Poverty and Public Policy is out.

It is available at the following address :

Poverty remains an unsolved global policy concern; Poverty & Public Policy begins with the assumption that progress is possible, and that public policy has a key role to play. The journal publishes the best and most relevant policy research on poverty, income distribution, and welfare programs, globally and across the spectrum of disciplines, academic perspectives, and approaches. Papers analyze what works, and what does not, on topics such as demographics, economic crises, legal and financial infrastructures, food policy, and social security, as well as theoretical questions of ethics and justice. Thanks to its internationally recognized editors, Poverty & Public Policy reaches out globally to integrate important studies from the developing world into the scholarly literature, including case studies by aid workers and officials who confront the day-to-day reality of global poverty.


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