“In defence of benefit take-up statistics” by Ben Baumberg

27 August 2012 par Bernardo Moura

“It’s well-known that some people are entitled to benefits but don’t take them up – three-quarters of British people agree that ‘large numbers of people who are eligible for benefits these days fail to claim them’ (BSA2010).  The Government estimates that all these unclaimed benefits and tax credits add up to £11-18bn, which puts the £4.5bn overpaid due to fraud and customer error into some kind of perspective.”

continue reading on the “Inequalities” blog: http://inequalitiesblog.wordpress.com/2012/08/07/in-defence-of-benefit-take-up-statistics/

Inequalities is a great blog, studying many forms of this phenomenon and in very diverse contexts. In its own words, “Inequalities” is:

… a space to critically discuss research on inequality, both our own research and the most interesting research we come across; and

… a community of people who want to try and tackle the injustices they see in the world by shedding light on things that would otherwise be invisible.

Great read!


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