OFCE – the French Economic Observatory – is launching its English-speaking blog

OFCE, the French Economic Observatory, is pleased to launch its English-speaking blog aimed at the international community of professional economists, policy makers, academics, journalists and concerned citizens.

The mission entrusted to OFCE by its founding partners (the French government and the Paris-based Sciences Po) is to bring the insights of economics to bear, in complete independence, on the analysis of the policy challenges facing France. In our globalized world, many if not most of OFCE contributions are relevant beyond France – which is I am happy to present them to you, from now on, in the blogosphere dans la langue de Shakespeare as well as in Molière’s language.

OFCE is not a Monday morning quarterback who comfortably assesses after the match the performance of policy makers. It observes in order to influence and it analyses in order to contribute. Since OFCE speaks in the voices of its researchers and defends no party line, it is singular in its determination to enrich the public debate but plural in its approaches.

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