Vincent Tiberj & alii. publish « Developments in French Politics » , 5th edition

Developments in French Politics
5th edition
Edited by Alistair Cole, Sophie Meunier and Vincent Tiberj
 Palgrave Macmillan, May 2013

Developments in French Politics 5
provides a systematic assessment of French politics following the 2012 presidential and parliamentary elections. Bringing together an entirely new set of specifically-commissioned, its central theme is whether the discourse of reform – initiated by Sarkozy – has been translated into tangible change.
Table of contents
1. From Sarkozy To Hollande: The New Normal?; Alistair Cole, Sophie Meunier, Vincent Tiberj
2. The French Presidency; Robert Elgie
3. The ‘New’ French Parliament: Changes And Continuities; Sylvain Brouard, Olivier Costa, Eric Kerrouche
4. Politics And Justice; Yves Surel
5. Local And Regional Governance; Alistair Cole And Romain Pasquier
6. Political Parties: The Ump And The Right; Florence Haegel
7. Political Parties: The Socialists And The Left; Frederic Sawicki
8. The Media; Raymond Kuhn
9. Interests And Collective Action; Arthur Goldhammer
10. Elections In France: Electoral Disorder In A Realignment Era; Florence Gougou, Simon Labouret
11. The Evolution Of Political Attitudes And Policy Preferences In France; James Stimson, Vincent Tiberj, Cyrille Thiebaut
12. France In Crisis? Economic And Welfare Policy Reform; Timothy B. Smith
13. Contested Citizenship In France: The Republican Politics Of Identity And Integration; Patrick Simon
14. France And The European Union; Helen Drake
15. France And The Global Economic Order; Sophie Meunier
16. French Foreign And Security Policy: In Search Of Coherence And Impact; Jolyon Howorth


Vincent Tiberj is Associate Research Professor FNSP since 2002, where he specialises in comparative electoral behaviour (France, United States and Europe), the political psychology of ordinary citizens, the sociology of inequalities, the politics of immigration and integration and survey research and methodology. He has been visiting scholar at Stanford University and Oxford University. He also co-ordinates the methodological curricula in the PhD program of Sciences Po. More about his publications.