Forecasting as Business

3 February 2010 par ARIEL Colonomos

Forecasting is a flourishing business. Consultants, experts, academics, intellectuals are on the global market of predictions. They are consulted by governmental agencies as well as by private companies.

Association of Professional Futurists
Center for Future Studies
Center for Preventive Action (CFR)
Conflict Forecasting
Consensus Point
Decide BV
Decision Insights
Forecasting International
Foresight-Horizon Scanning Center
Hawaii Research Center for Future Studies
Global Business Network
The Hudson Institute
Joseph Coates Consulting Futurist
Kairos Future
Kissinger Associates
Outsights UK
Recorded Future
Nouriel Roubini Global EconoMonitor
Shaping Tomorrow
Strategic Foresight
Superflux (design as a tool for imagining the future)
Technology Forecast
Toffler Associates


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