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23 February 2011 par ARIEL Colonomos

investors’ risk appetite and global financial market conditions – IMF working paper

Investors Risk Appetite and Global Financial Market conditions 1

Investors Risk Appetite and … 2

Investors Risk Appetite and … 3

The USES & ABUSES sovereign credit ratings – IMF paper

afsr-201010-3-sovereign_ratings imf global stability1

gfsr-201010-3-sovereign_ratings imf global stability2

Sovereign credit rating CRITERIA – S&P’s

Ratings methodol standard

Sovereign rating methodology by FITCH

Sovereign Rating Methodology by_Fitch

Macroeconomics & Sovereign Risk ratings – WB paper

Macroeconomics and Sovereign Risk

EM sovereign credit – S&P’s

Emerging Market Sovereign Credit-SP-250909

credit rating agencies: their impact on capital flows to developing countries

Credit Rating Agencies their impact on flows

the future of sovereign credit ratings by S&P’s

the future of sovereign credit ratings – S&P’s

The pure theory of country risk – NBER paper

the pure theory of country risk

Rules of thumbs imf paper


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