Regulating Credit Rating Agencies (a historical perspective)

26 January 2011 par taniasollogoub

FOCUS 1.1 MISE EN PERSPECTIVE AVEC LES ÉVOLUTIONS RÉGLEMENTAIRES   1. Un premier recours aux notations en pleine dépression des années 1930 –          11 Septembre 1931 : 1ère réglementation intégrant les agences de notation à l’initiative de l’OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, principale instance de réglementation américaine à l’époque) Toute banque américaine doit […]

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Forecasting as Business

3 February 2010 par ARIEL Colonomos

Forecasting is a flourishing business. Consultants, experts, academics, intellectuals are on the global market of predictions. They are consulted by governmental agencies as well as by private companies. Association of Professional Futurists Center for Future Studies Center for Preventive Action (CFR) Conflict Forecasting Consensus Point Decide BV Decision Insights Forecasting International Foresight-UK Foresight-Horizon Scanning Center […]

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The Power of Rating Companies

29 January 2010 par ARIEL Colonomos

Credit Rating Agencies express “opinions” on the capacity of companies, local actors such as municipalities or governments to honor their debts. They act as “reputational intermediaries” and their opinion can be interpreted as a forecast. The June 14th conference at Ceri will discuss their role. We plan on organizing a seminar at Sciences Po, who […]

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