[MaxPo/Cities are Back in Town seminar] Béatrice Cherrier, « Cities, Land, and Space: A History of Urban Economics as a Field », 3/05/2021

15 avril 2021
You are invited to the next MaxPo seminar, co-organized with Sciences Po Urban School and the Cities are Back in Town seminar series. The featured speaker is Béatrice Cherrier, historian of economics, Associate Professor at Ecole Polytechnique, presenting her work on Cities, Land, and Space: A History of Urban Economics as a Field.
The discussant will be Philipp Brandt of the Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO), Sciences Po.
Seminar title: « Cities, Land, and Space: A History of Urban Economics as a Field »
When: Monday, May 3rd, 13:00-14:30
Where: Zoom*

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« Urban Economics » is an elusive object in a way that most economic fields are not. Indeed, economic, just like other mature science, is organized into fields, specialties, and research programs. These are sometimes studied more as “cognitive” divisions, sometimes more as organizational and professional identities. They are sometimes tied to the identity of scientists themselves, sometimes to their research objects or questions. In economics, those cognitive and professional divisions have been quite stable over time and embedded into a consistent disciplinary structure. An intellectual reason for both the stability of fields and the mobility of economists between them is the strengthening of “core” models and methods in the postwar decades. Other scholars have pointed to the unusually strong hierarchical structure of economics and clear boundaries with other sciences.