[Parution] Marco Cremaschi, « Migrant integration and ITIs in the urban region of Paris », Joint Research Centre, 2021

4 janvier 2022

Nous vous signalons la parution d’un chapitre de Marco Cremaschi intitulé « Migrant integration and ITIs in the urban region of Paris » dans le rapport du Joint Research Centre pour la Commission Européenne.


Report title

A place-based approach to migrant integration. Sustainable urban development strategies and the integration of migrants in functional urban areas.


Report abstract

The study explores the relationship between local territories and the inclusion of migrants. In particular, it aims at understanding if strategies of urban and territorial development supported by the EU Cohesion Policy and focusing on functional urban areas can foster migrant integration.

The study applies a pan-European Union perspective with in-depth analyses of case studies from Athens, Liège, Malmö, Paris and Venice.

The study shows that the strategies analysed are more likely to support migrant integration when they address particularly disadvantaged areas and reconnect them to wider contexts, and when they combine infrastructural and economic interventions with social ones.

At the same time, place-based policies alone risk to be less effective for people in the most vulnerable condition (e.g. transit and undocumented migrants, homeless), therefore a combination of the place-based approach with people-based policies has to be considered to the direction of strengthening social resilience to ensure no one and no place will be left behind.