[Publication] Matías Dewey, « Making It at Any Cost – Aspirations and Politics in a Counterfeit Clothing Marketplace », U Texas Press, 2020

4 juillet 2020

Nous vous signalons la parution aux presses de l’Université du Texas de l’ouvrage de Matías Dewey, Making It at Any Cost – Aspirations and Politics in a Counterfeit ClothingDésormais Senior Researcher à l’université de St. Gallen, Matías est venu présenter ses recherches au séminaire Cities are Back in Town en décembre 2019.

Résumé de l’éditeur :

La Salada is South America’s largest marketplace for fraudulently labeled clothing, a sprawling and dangerous bazaar on the fringes of Buenos Aires where counterfeit goods are bought and sold, armed thieves roam the nearby streets, and corrupt police and politicians turn a blind eye to widespread unlawful behaviors. Despite conditions traditionally considered inhospitable to economic growth—including acute interpersonal distrust, pervasive personal insecurity, and rampant violence—business in La Salada is booming under an established order completely detached from the state.

Matías Dewey dives deep into the world of La Salada to examine how market exchanges function outside the law and how agreements and norms develop in the economy for counterfeit clothing. Drawing on seven months of ethnographic research and more than a hundred interviews, Dewey argues that aspirations for a better future shape garment workers’ everyday practices, from their home-based sweatshops to the market stalls. The book unearths a new configuration of garment production and commercialization detached from global supply chains, submerged in the shadows of informality and illegality, and rooted in aspiration and opportunity.