30rpm Visits VNYL Los Angeles

How VNYL works

Hailed as the Netflix for Vinyl VNYL was originally funded through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. VNYL hand-curates and mails 3 records specific to each user every month. These are records that are based on members’ specific music tastes. To start a membership, people will need an invite code from VNYL or from a friend. Each VNYL member has a social profile that they fill out with their music tastes.

VNYL Los Angeles at the heart of Venice is a social gathering space where record fans can relax, listen to and buy LPs. The LA presence is the first brick and mortar location that VNYL has. In the VNYL Los Angeles store people can buy records as well as sign up to the subscription service.

The number of vinyl subscription services seems to be growing helped by their accessibility through the internet. The Guardian recently reviewed VNYL and two other subscription services.