Séminaire : Rescaling Social Policies towards Multilevel governance in Europe: Some reflections on processes at stake and actors involved

14 avril 2011

Nous recevons dans le cadre du séminaire « Cities are back in Town », Yuri KAZEPOV de l’Université d’Urbino (Président du RC21 de l’International Sociological Association). Il nous présentera son dernier ouvrage paru en 2010 :

« Rescaling Social Policies towards Multilevel Governance in Europe: Some Reflections on Processes at Stake and Actors Involved » , Book series « Public Policy and Social Welfare », Volume 38, Ashgate, UK, 2010.

“Rescaling Social Policies: Towards Multilevel Governance in Europe” was an international research project that aimed at disentangling the complex relations between changes taking place in the territorial organisation of social policies and the increasing number of actors involved in policy design, management and delivery. The book presents results of this 3-year project focusing on the relations between the vertical rescaling and the horizontal governance arrangements emerging from change processes since the 1990s. It provides the analytical tools to understand these changes by outlining the different scenarios in Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Pour plus d’informations sur le livre: http://www.euro.centre.org/detail.php?xml_id=1722

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Président de séance: Edmond Préteceille (Sciences Po, OSC / CNRS)

Discussion :

Alexandre Biotteau (Sciences Po/CEE)

Alban Davesne (Sciences Po/CEE, Université de Rouen)

Bruno Palier (Sciences Po/CEE, CNRS)

Contact: Tommaso Vitale (Sciences Po / CEE) : tommaso.vitale@sciences-po.fr


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