Michael Storper du programme Cities Are Back In Town, Charles van Marrewijk et Frank G. van Oort ont publié dans le Journal of Regional Sciences (février 2012, vol. 52, n°1) un numéro collectif sur « Processes of Urban Change in Urban Systems« .


« The twenty-first century will be one of intensified urbanization, on a scale never before experienced. How do urban systems and individual cities change and develop? The social sciences have many different approaches to analyzing the economic, social, and spatial dimensions of urban change. We inventory some of these approaches and their implications for public policy toward cities, urban change, and economic development. »


Introduction: Processes of Change in Urban Systems (Michael Storper, Charles van Marrewijk and Frank G. van Oort)

History, Institutions, and Cities: a View from the Americas (Sukkoo Kim and Marc T. Law)

The Border Population Effects of EU Integration (Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen, Charles van Marrewijk and Abdella Oumer)

Regional Population–Employment Dynamics Across Different Sectors of the Economy (Thomas de Graaff, Frank G. van Oort and Raymond J.G.M. Florax)

The Sources of Urban Development: Wages, Housing, and Amenity Gaps Across American Cities (Thomas Kemeny and Michael Storper)

Recessionary Shocks and Regional Employment: Evidence on the Resilience of UK Regions (Bernard Fingleton, Harry Garretsen and Ron Martin)

The case for Regional Development Intervention: Place-Based versus Place-Neutral Approaches (Fabrizio Barca, Philip McCann and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose)

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