SEMINAIRE: Adalberto Cardoso, « Informality as a social form of work », Mercredi 25 février 2015, 14h-16h

19 février 2015

Adalberto CARDOSO

IESP-IUERJ (Rio de Janeiro)

« Informality as a social form of work »


Quand? Mercredi 25 Février 2015, 14h-16h

Où? Salle Annick Percheron, 98 rue de l’Université, 75007 Paris


In economic reasoning and in most of the sociological production that reproduces or dialogues with it, informality is approached from the perspective of the firm or the state, and it is most often defined in the negative: as the absence of what defines the formal capitalist economic and social relations (including labour relations). I will follow on the tracks of economic sociology and look at “informality” from the perspective of the persons who search for mechanisms of obtaining ways and means of living. In the process, informal economic relations are alternatives ingrained in the urban experience of the pour and lower middle classes in Latin America.