School choice research in five European countries

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van Zanten Agnès, Kosunen Sonja :

“School choice research in five European countries: the circulation of Stephen Ball’s concepts and interpretations”, London Review of Education, vol. 11, n° 3,2013, p. 239-255.


This article analyzes the influence of Stephen Ball’s work on research on markets and school choice in five European countries (Finland, France, Norway, Spain, and Sweden). The main focus is on the intellectual circulation of ideas, but the authors also take into account the relationship between ideas and social and political changes, as well as between ideas and the organization of research communities. Concepts derived from policy sociology are used to examine the dissemination of concepts and interpretations. Three areas of study are taken into account (school choice policies, choice as a class strategy, and choice within local education markets). The conclusion points out differences between countries and underlines the need to take into account processes of migration of ideas between national research communities in a more integrated European research area.

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