Publication : Christine Barwick « Are Immigrants Really Lacking Social Networking Skills ? The Crucial Role of Reciprocity in Building Ethnically Diverse Networks », Sociology, 2015

7 septembre 2015

« Are Immigrants Really Lacking Social Networking Skills? The Crucial Role of Reciprocity in Building Ethnically Diverse Networks »


Sociology, 2015


Christine Barwick


Increasing ethnic and social diversity in cities does not translate into diverse networks of urbanites. Particularly for white middle-classes in gentrified neighbourhoods, there is evidence on boundary drawing to ‘unwanted groups’ such as ethnic minorities and lower-classes. Rarely have these studies focused on the networks of ethnic minorities, the actual diversity-bringers. I will contribute to the understanding of why and under what circumstances diversity in neighbourhoods gets translated into people’s daily practices, hence also networks, by analysing those of middle-class Turkish-Germans in Berlin. Based on interviews and network analysis, I will show that a neighbourhood’s ethnic diversity, fellow residents’ attitudes towards diversity and the built environment play an important role in building category-crossing ties. Owing to a lack of reciprocity in establishing ties, Turkish-Germans in neighbourhoods with a high share of native Germans actually have more ties to Turks than those in a more diverse neighbourhood.

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