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April 1st – The World Order: Form and Substance in Comparative and International Law, by Pier Guiseppe Monateri

FRIDAY 1st April 2016: Prof. Pier Guiseppe Monateri (University of Torino)

NOTE FOR EXTERNAL GUESTS (not from Sciences Po) : Due to security measures, access to the PILAGG seminar is limited to 10 external guests. If you intend to attend the seminar, please send an email to damien.charlotin@sciencespo.fr indicating your full name (first come, first served). Security officers will be provided with the list of participants, do not forget to bring a VALID ID. Thank you for your understanding. 

The World Order: Form and Substance in Comparative and International Law

The Main Idea of this conference will be to use the methods of comparative law to try to link the ‘Spatiality’ of Jurisdictions to the rise of the ‘Modern Political’, through an ‘Ontological’ notion of ‘Style’, in order to derive a claim about the World Order which is directly opposite to that sponsorized by the World Bank.
The main point is that Legal Systems are not converging at all, and that there is in action a Clash of Legal Systems interrupting the flat political space of globalization. This clash derives from a political duality of the West, where, contrary to received ideas, the Common Law Systems display much more political activity than the actual Civil Law legal systems.
(the seminar, unusually, will start at 5:30pm)
  • Discussant: Prof. Geoffrey Samuel (University of Kent)

When? On Friday 1st April, 5.30 – 7.30 pm

Where? At Sciences Po Law School, 13 rue de l’Université, 75007 Paris, Salle de réunion (4th floor).