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October 7th – Rethinking Comparative Law: Mapping Law’s Transformations, by Leone Niglia

FRIDAY 7th October 2016, Prof. Leone Niglia (University CIII of Madrid)

This seminar contributes to comparative scholarly analyses of ‘legal transplants’ and ‘legal change’. Drawing on a combination of legal history, comparative law and legal theory, the seminar introduces a method that is needed towards understanding the current globalisation of law and legal thought including comparing it with past globalisations. On the basis of this new method, the seminar essay sheds light on three unaccounted transformations in transnational law and legal thought in Europe over the last one hundred years that legal comparative thought has contributed to. These transformations need to be taken seriously towards gaining a deeper understanding of the relationships between law, state and post-national governance.


  • Discussant: Veronica Corcodel

When? Friday 7 October, at 16:30

Where? at Sciences Po Law School, 13 rue de l’université, 75007, Paris, salle de réunion (4th floor)