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The Production of Imperial Space: Empire and Circulations (18th-20th Centuries)


Colloque junior (CHSP/Ecole doctorale de Sciences Po)

Date: November 23-24, 2017

Location: CHSP, 56 rue Jacob, 75006 Paris Salle du Traité


  • Camille BUAT | Sciences Po-CHSP/University of Göttingen
  • Aude-Cécile MONNOT | Sciences Po-CHSP
  • Alexander VAN WICKEREN | University of Cologne/Sciences Po-CHSP

Scientific Committee:

  • Ravi AHUJA | University of Göttingen/CeMIS – Sabine DULLIN | Sciences Po-CHSP
  • Ulrike LINDNER | University of Cologne – Paul-André ROSENTAL | Sciences Po
  • CHSP/ESOPP – Jakob VOGEL | Sciences Po-CHSP

En raison des normes de sécurité accrues,
il est impératif de s’inscrire à cette manifestation.
Si vous êtes intéressé.e, veuillez envoyer un courriel (colloquium.circulation@gmail.com)


Thursday, November 23, 2017

09:30 • Welcoming the Participants and Registration 10:00-10:30 • Introduction

10:30-12:00 • PANEL 1: Imaginations of Spaces: Explorations and Discourses in an Imperial Setting – Discussant: Jakob VOGEL (Sciences Po-CHSP)

  • KATHERINE PARKER (Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps London) | “Putting Space to Paper. The Production of the Pacific in the Eighteenth Century”
  • DELPHINE FROMENT (ENS Ulm) | “A Scramble for Kilimanjaro? Imperial Rivalries and Production of Space in East Africa at the end fo the 19th century”
  • MARTA GRZECHNIK (University of Gdánsk) | “Aspirations of an Imperial Space. The Colonial Discourse of the Maritime and Colonial League in Interwar Poland”

12:00-13:30 • LUNCH BREAK

13:30-15:00 • PANEL 2
From Railway to Television: Imperial Space and Infrastructure –
Discussant: Vidhya RAVEENDRANATHAN (University of Göttingen/CeMIS)

  • MATTHEW SCOTT (Newcastle University) | “Visions of Circulation. Continental Imperial Expan- sion and the Construction of Transcontinental Railway Systems, c. 1850-1930”
  • LIMIN TEH (Leiden University) | “The Company Town as Imperial Space”
  • FLORA LOSCH (EHESS Paris) | “Broadcast and Rule: The Circulation of Audiovisual Knowledge and Technologies and the De/Re-composition of the Imperial Space in West Africa”

15:00-15:30 • COFFEE BREAK

15:30-17:00 • PANEL 3
Ordering Mobilities within Imperial Spaces – Discussant: Sabine DULLIN (Sciences Po- CHSP)

  • HUW J. DAVIES (King’s College London) | “Networks of Knowledge Exchange and Information Circulations in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century British Military Imperialism”
  • ZHANNA POPOVA (International Institute of Social History Amsterdam) | “Exile to Siberia as Imperial Practice, 1870s-1900s”
  • TOM MENGER (University of Cologne) | “‘Ordinary’ Colonial Officers in German East Africa as Pawns and Producers of Imperial Space and Imperial Circulations, ca. 1890-1914”



Friday, November 24, 2017

09:30-11:00 • PANEL 4
Flows of commodities and currencies: Imperial Economic Spaces – Discussant: Claude MARKOVITS (CNRS-CEIAS)

  • JÉSUS BOHORQUEZ BARRERA (University of Lisbon) | “Entangled Geographies of the Iberian Empires in South America (1750-1800)”
  • VARSHA PATEL (University of Kassel) | “Reconfiguring Routes of Salt along the British Indian Frontier of Maritime Saurāshtra, Western India 1910-1932”
  • ADITYA RAMESH (SOAS, London) | “Circulating Commodities, Shifting Sovereignties: Rice across the Bay of Bengal c. 1900-1947”

11:00-11:30 • COFFEE BREAK

11:30-13:00 • PANEL 5
Trajectories and experiences of circulating people: Empire’s multilayered space – Discussant: David DO PAÇO (Sciences Po-CHSP)

  • METIN ATMACA (Social Sciences University of Ankara) | “An Imperial Social Space with Many Layers. Reconfiguration of the Ottoman-Iranian Frontier by Khaliddiya Sufi Network”
  • MARTIN SCHALLER (University of St. Andrews) | “Travellers Habsburg Empire – One Imperial Space or Different Spaces? Ca. 1815-1860s
  • ANDREI DAN SORESCU (University College London) | “The Peddler, the Peasant and the Portrait of the Czar. Spatial Layers of Empire in fin-de-siècle Romania “

13:00-14:00 • LUNCH BREAK

14:00-15:30 • PANEL 6
Transimperial spaces: places on the move and nodes of circulation – Discussant: Ulrike LINDNER (University of Cologne)

  • JUSTINE COUSIN (Paris IV) | “Colonial Seafarers creating a Trans-imperial Space. British Empire and Steamship Labour Circulations (1850-1950)”
  • FLORIAN WAGNER (University of Erfurt) | “The International Colonial Institute and the Creation of a Transimperial Space of Colonial Science (1890s-1920s)

15:30-16:00 • COFFEE BREAK

16:00-17:00 • FINAL ROUNDTABLE