15 novAbout the seminar

Coordinators: Ariel Colonomos, Astrid von Busekist

This Ceri group brings together scholars who work in the areas of international politics, normative theory and law. It contributes to the development of new approaches in international normative theory.

International normative theory is a both an academic and intellectual challenge. In order to pursue this project, there is a need to overcome the many barriers between disciplines and to bring together different types of knowledge. It is an intellectual challenge from an epistemic perspective. The dialogue between social sciences and normative theory often implies to go beyond the traditional division between facts and norms or facts and values. Also, social sciences make it often more difficult to address normative questions as it provides information (both descriptive and explanatory) that needs to be integrated into normative analysis.

The purpose of this group is convene regularly around one presentation.Our aim is to identify and discuss the main analytical questions that arise in the field, their coherence and their contribution and / or their shortcomings.

Papers will be distributed in advance. Doctoral students and post-docs are most welcome to join the group.

Presentations are by invitation. However, proposals can be sent to the members of the group.

Unless otherwise annouced, meetings will either take place at CERI or at Sciences Po’s doctoral school (199 boulevard Saint Germain, third floor).

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