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The (private) politics of (legal) space – PILAGG programme for this academic year REVEALED!

Dear friends of PILAGG and private international law,

We are delighted to confirm that PILAGG seminars are back! The overarching theme of this year’s debate series is The (private) politics of (legal) space.

In case you are wondering what is that supposed to mean, please note that we will be focusing on narratives of international law and histories of global space. We will discuss exciting legal issues, such as spatial dynamics of accumulation (histories of international law and capitalism); we will try to identify the gender of space (identities, transnational communities) and the frontiers of human rights ; we will also touch upon the external and internal space (and global legal pluralism); and rediscover the local and the global (new translocalities) ; we will look closely at the cultural space and its tensions between homogenization and heterogenization ; « scapes » or globalized mental pictures of the social world (Appadurai) ; migration and border control AND MORE!

A fascinating strand of thought in this respect comes from Mariana Valverde ‘s Chronotopes of Law, in which she explores Jurisdiction, Scale and Governance (Routledge 2015).

Consider the following : (p82) : « struggles that historically and in the present are waged in a quiet and legalistic manner as fights about jurisdiction actually involve – and end up deciding – much larger extra-legal issues of power and authority ». … « jurisidction can be mor generally dscribed, from a sociolegal ,perspective, as ‘the governance of legal governance’ «   (p83)… « It would be highly inconvenient for the smooth functioning of the law if the how of governance, the qualitative question, were explicitly asked…(p84). The law of jurisdiction, in other words, … is a quite magical power to depoliticize governance » (p.84).

These observations come within a highly innovative framework for analysis of the spatio-temporal workings of law and governance.

We are still in a process of putting together all the bits and pieces for our upcoming events. But, as a TEASER, please find below the first draft of our programme (careful, this is subject to change).

– October 6th : Presentation and opening session (Legal definitions of space)

– October 13th : Darren ROSENBLUM

October 22nd : Geneviève SAUMIER : The Frontiers of Human Rights (a Canadian perspective) ***CONFIRMED

- November : Filipe de SILVA : Historical Capitalism and International law ***CONFIRMED

– November : Gunter FRANKENBERG

– December : Guillame LeBLANC