Publication d’un guide d’accès aux grandes enquêtes statistiques en sciences sociales

La France dans les comparaisons internationales  : Guide d’accès aux grandes enquêtes statistiques en sciences sociales Presses de Sciences Po, décembre 2011 Ouvrage collectif dirigé par Alain Chenu, Laurent Lesnard Les avancées récentes des sciences sociales doivent beaucoup aux grands programmes et enquêtes statistiques qui permettent de comparer dans différents pays aussi bien l’impact des choix effectués en matière de politiques publiques que les évolutions des sociétés. Ces données sont maintenant facilement accessibles grâce à des centres d’archivage [...]

Profile of Laurent Lesnard, winner of CNRS Bronze Medal 2011

The Bronze Medal is awarded for a researcher’s first work, which heralds their arrival as a talented new specialist in their field. This accolade is an encouragement from CNRS to continue with research that is already ground-breaking and fruitful. Laurent Lesnard is a sociologist of time in contemporary societies. He studies questions of individual and domestic working hours and the transformation of social ties. This young sociologist has developed a quantitative method that takes into account the chronological dimension of everyday activities, previously understood only in terms of [...]

Sciences Po project awarded “scientific equipment of excellence” funding

Out of 52 projects selected by an international jury appointed by the National Research Agency to fund high-level scientific “equipment of excellence” (“Equipex”) projects, Sciences Po’s proposal came equal first, even though only 5 projects were chosen in the social and human sciences (SHS) field. Launched on the initiative of research teams at Sciences Po, led by Laurent Lesnard, Director of the Centre for Socio-political Data (CDSP), developed with the support of Amélie Antoine-Audo and Sciences Po’s European Office for Research (MER) and supported by the PRES Sorbonne Paris [...]