Students with diverse outlooks and interests

One of the great strengths of the program is the participation of students of diverse backgrounds: academics (anthropologists, sociologists, linguists, philosophers, historians, jurists, physicists), artists (in the broad sense, including, for instance, designers, architects, graphic designers, dancers), and professionals from the worlds of culture and politics (art curators, teachers, administrators, organization heads).

Fifteen to twenty students are accepted each year, from all over the world, based on the excellence of their applications and the quality of their work and projects, and then on a subsequent oral interview.

A post-graduate training program, SPEAP is designed for young professionals with two to five years of experience, who want to take a step back, supplement their training, make seminal contacts for future collaborations, or who, in the course of their work, have come up against crises of representation, of one kind or another, and wish to find new resources to resolve them.

SPEAP is not designed to provide entry-level opportunities for students — who are already professionally active — but rather to help them reach a new stage and advance in their careers, or possibly, for some, to make career changes. Offering a unique opportunity to bring together diverse perspectives, to experiment and exchange ideas in a pragmatic and collective spirit, SPEAP will enable participants to develop their observation, analytical, creative, and decision-making skills.

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