Students’ quotes

« I had the sensation of doing things differently and of seeing a whole new field of possibilities open up: different objects, practices, and methods, but with zones of contact that I would never have thought of, with different kinds of skills adjusting to one another. It will unquestionably have an impact on my future work. »
Yaël Kreplak
doctoral student in linguistics,
2010-2011 SPEAP student.

« The impetus provided, positions I didn’t know or knew little about, a way of considering things from up close, understanding what the social sciences make possible, the tools, the encounters… It is still difficult to gauge precisely how, but this year has not left my way of working unscathed. »
Yves Mettler

2010-2011 SPEAP student.

« In commissioned projects, placement matters less than displacement. Transforming the results of inquiry, including our physical experience, into material form, is a genuine skill that we are developing. The interdisciplinary approach makes real sense and I will continue to give it shape. It is scary and that’s what makes it exciting. »
Axel Meunier
cartographer and artist,
2010-2011 SPEAP student.

« Each working moment was in itself a mechanism for elaborating knowledge, based on the equal position of all participants. I built there, together with others, a use value of science and of art, and the two together: the ability to put thinking and practice to the test through problem solving. »
Claire Duport
sociologist, Professor at the University of Provence,
2010-2011 SPEAP student.

« At SPEAP, the process of inquiry is presented, explained, and modified based on permanent negotiation within the team itself, with the commissioners, and with the objects chosen to realize it. This has convinced me that only a process that is co-constructed can enable a new formulation of the issue to arise. This is what I am trying to set up in my current project. »
Sandrine Teixido
anthropologist, journalist and author,
director of Le Monde en Critique / Art In Process,
2010-2011 SPEAP student.


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