Bruno Cautrès and Anne Muxel publish « The New Voter in Western Europe:France and Beyond »

The New Voter in Western Europe:France and Beyond
Edited by Bruno Cautrès and Anne Muxel
Palgrave Macmillan

This book presents the main results of an electoral panel study which is both unique and innovative not only in French political research but also among Western European electoral studies. The survey was conducted among a sample of 1,846 French voters interviewed on four separate occasions (2007 Presidential and Legislative elections). Electoral trajectories can thus be observed revealing the main trends in electoral behaviour and voting patterns across the electorate. The analysis of such trajectories and patterns mobilizes not only the usual explanatory factors (demographics, political leanings and identifications) but also another set of political variables (issues, the campaign and the media, the candidates’ image, how electoral decisions are made, hesitation in voting intentions).This study also provides interesting findings on electoral volatility, including abstention. More information

Bruno Cautrès, affiliated to the CNRS, joined the Centre for Political Research – CEVIPOF in January 2006 where he works on: voting patterns and elections, socio-political divisions related to the question of European integration, surveys and quantitative methods. His other research consists of work on the analysis of political behaviour and attitudes. See his publication.

Anne Muxel is a CNRS Research Director at the Centre for Political Research -CEVIPOF where she specialises in electoral and political behaviour, abstentionism, etc. She focuses on the younger generations and more specifically their attitudes to and relationship with politics. She is currently working on social and political identities among young people, electoral panels, etc. using longitudinal surveys – cohort and panel analysis – to do so. See her publications.

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