Olivier Rozenberg & al. publish « The Roles and Function of Parliamentary Questions »

The Roles and Function of Parliamentary Questions
Edited by Shane Martin & Olivier Rozenberg
Published April 5th 2012 by Routledge

Parliamentary questions are a feature of almost all national legislatures. Despite this, we know very little about how questions are used by MPs and what impact questions have on controlling the government. This volume advances our theoretical and empirical knowledge of the use of questioning in a number of different parliamentary settings. The propensity of parliamentarians to ask questions indicates that the interrogatories are an important tool for measuring an individual legislator’s job. Ultimately, how a parliamentarian chooses to use the questioning tool provides a unique insight into legislator behaviour and role orientation. Many of the chapters in this volume provide new empirical measures of legislator activity and use this data to provide new tests of leading theories of legislator behaviour. More information.

Olivier Rozenberg is Associate Research Professor at the Centre for European Studies. His research focuses on the study of political institutions and particularly of legislatures in Europe (national parliaments and the European Parliament). Within this framework, he studies both the sociology of legislators and the policy analysis of parliamentary activities. He is also interested in the Europeanisation of national political systems and the politicisation of European affairs.

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