Claire Andrieu & Jacques Semelin publish « Resisting Genocide The Multiple Forms of Rescue »

Resisting Genocide The Multiple Forms of Rescue Resisting Genocide, The Multiple Forms of Rescue
Claire Andrieu, Jacques Semelin & Sarah Gensburger
Hurst, March 2011

Every genocide in history has been notable for the minority of brave individuals and groups who put their own lives at risk to rescue its would be victims.

Based on three case studies – the genocides of the Armenians, the Jews and the Rwandese Tutsi – this book is the first international comparative and multidisciplinary attempt to make rescue an object of research, while breaking free of the notion of ‘The Righteous Among the Nations’. The result is an exceptionally rich and disturbing volume.

‘A unique offering among the literature on genocides – of the highest quality – the scholarship is impeccable’. — Gerard Prunier, author of The Rwanda Crisis: History of a Genocide . More information.

Claire Andrieu is professor of contemporary history at the Center for History. – CHPS. She co-edited the Dictionnaire De Gaulle with Philippe Braud and Guillaume Piketty and contributed to the Dictionnaire historique de la Resistance edited by Francois Marcot. Her books about the French Resistance deal with its political project . She published several books on spoliations and restitutions. Her current research is on the behaviour of European civil population toward fugitives in World War II.

Jacques Semelin is Professor of Political Science and Modern history and CNRS Senior Researcher at CERI . He is the founder and scientific director of the international Online Encyclopaedia of Mass Violence. Semelin is member of the editorial boards of the European Review of History, the Journal of Genocide Research and Vingtieme siecle. Member of the International Genocide Scholars Association (IGSA) and of the International Network of Genocide Scholars (INOGS). See his publications.

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