Sophie Jacquot awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship for her research project on the National Usages of EU Equality Policies

Sophie Jacquot, Ph.D. in Political Science, Scientific coordinator at the Centre d’études europénnes, has been awarded a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship for career development (IEF) for her research project EQUALUSES – Equality for the Market. The National Usages of EU Equality Policies.

IEF financing are aimed at promoting Intra-European researchers mobility and to give them an opportunity to acquire new research skills or experience.

The EQUALUSES project consists in analysing the effects of European policies on national transformations in the fields of reconciliation between paid work and private life and anti-discrimination. This project aims to contribute to the understanding of the concrete mechanism thanks to which the EU contribute to the transformation of national models of reconciliation and anti-discrimination, not by imposing a common model or precise reforms but by providing actors with instruments adapted to their strategies. The project will examine whether the utilitarian shift in policies in these domains at the EU level has also occurred at the national level and what has been the possible influence of the EU on national developments by comparing recent reforms in Belgium, Sweden and The United Kingdom.

This project has three goals:

  • Understanding, thanks to the EU, the mechanisms and content of the transformations of social policies in European countries,
  • Examining how western societies manage – or try to manage – new tensions thanks to public policies, especially the role and place of women and minorities,
  • Reflecting, through this topic, on the transformation of the European project.

The EQUALUSES project will be financed for two years during which Sophie Jacquot will be working at the Université catholique de Louvain.

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