SPEAP au Kunstenfestivaldesarts

SPEAP participe au Kunstenfestivaldesarts de Bruxelles. Dans le cadre de Welcome to Caveland! aux Brigittines, pour cette troisième et dernière journée de réflexion consacrée à la stratification et aux traces de l’excès, SPEAP propose une performance dans la grotte de Philippe Quesne sur les traces de Robert Smithson.

Samedi 21 mai 2016 de 15.30 à 16.30.

Today, remote futures meet remote pasts
Rehearsal for A Sedimentation of the mind by R. Smithson
What can be produced from what was left behind? Between poetry and science, landscape and language, excess and scarcity, SPEAP performs for the KunstenFestivaldesArts’ audience a major text, unearthed from the 60’s. Using A Sedimentation of the mind – Earth projects written by Robert Smithson as a foundation – a bedrock – the performance acts as a public rehearsal of a future creation, where different stratas of texts and documentation try to explore stratification in time, space and creation. It is also about the geological change called the anthropocene, a time where history of geology and human history meet and merge into a geohistory. Using Philippe Quesne’s cave as an empty and open stage, SPEAP offers a short journey through words and fields of stratification as a first attempt to make remote futures meet remote pasts.